Yugawara style Craft Market BRUNCH


16 June 2021
There were no reports of infection from the date of the event to today.
31 May 2021
Next Brunch (3rd Oct 2021) will be planning now
30 May 2021
Brunch (30th May 2021) was closed
28 Mar. 2021
Next BRUNCH (30th May 2021) will be held
7 Jan. 2021
Next BRUNCH (7th Feb 2021) will be canceled.


craft market「Brunch」 A touch of Yugawara taste town planning. 'Brunch' is held four times annually in February, May, August and November.We hold the market at partially closed street called 'Buranch Tori'(a part of 'Chodo Sakuragi route 1). There usually are about 30 shops such from handmade accessories shop to professional potters items, and of course local veggies and products.Not only shops and kiosks, there will be some shows like Japanese traditional drumming and so on.More so we set up instant foot spa with Yugawara natural hot spring water. We have two to four thousands visitors on each event. Please bring yourself and enjoy the market.

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Evant Date

3 times in 2021
please check it up
date of Event

This event will be canceled during stormy weather


How to visit

by Train
JR-East Tokaido-Line (Ueno-Tokyo Line)
Get off Yugawara station (JT20). and walk 3mins to go.

by Car
1:Yugawara eki iriguchi
2:Doi 1 Chome
3:Onsenba iriguchi
Free parking is available in the SAKURAGI park without summer enent. Or use the paid parking lot around the Yugawara station.

by Bus
From Onsenba area
get off "Meitengai", and walk 2mins to go.